Aug 12 & 13, 2016 * Barbara Merritt, Rebecca E. Yody, Miss Melvis & Librarian

 © Images: top image by Merritt, bottom image by yody

© Images: top image by Merritt, bottom image by Yody

HOUSE TREMONT GALLERY proudly presents our next Happening “INTO the FADE” a two person multi-media photography installation by Cleveland artists Barbara Merritt and Rebecca E. Yody. The Happening is a two day event taking place during Walkabout Tremont.

Opens Friday, August 12, 5-10pm
featuring performance artist Librarian on the turntable

Closes Saturday, August 13, 5-10pm
featuring an unplugged set by Miss Melvis

Merritt’s new series of photo images are double exposures exploring the movement of color and other worldly delights in an atmosphere of a futuristic scorched Earth or a post apocalyptic landscape.

Merritt has worked for 22 years as a professional fine art photographer with a heavy background in the studio arts. She currently specializes in portrait, event and fine art photography in Cleveland, Ohio and can be contacted at

Yody’s richly textured series of new mixed media photo collages explore a metamorphosis of materials and inspire thought and peace of mind.

Yody has over 25 years of experience in performance, fine and culinary arts and continuously strives to find new ways to express her vast array of talent. She can be contacted at

Librarian is our House sound artist and holds court with his vinyl selections that work the ebb and flow of his audience, complete with spoken word, by Cleveland vet rocker Craig A. Pearsall (Plasticefx). He can be contacted at

In her first solo set since returning from Texas, Cleveland vet rocker Miss Melvis will share songs from her newly formed band, Duo Decibel System. They perform sweet, grown-up lullabies served over boiling rhythms, searing, raw guitar riffs and a message to love. She can be contacted at

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