2338 Scranton Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44113



House of Collaboration & Inspiration ~ Interactive Gallery + Multi Labs = Mixing Art / Sound / Movement / Query w/Everyday Life ~ AirBnB


HOUSE TREMONT GALLERY is a unique home studio setting where Cleveland artist Patsy Coffey Kline is creating opportunities to experience art, urban renewal and question change.

It’s a salon style gallery meeting place focused on inspiration and collaboration that’s designed to give artists and the community a voice.

Since 2002 Kline has presented a rolling programme of creative happenings in and around her home in an effort to express the importance art has on everyday life, raise awareness, build community and develop a safer neighborhood.

HOUSE TREMONT GALLERY is strategically located at the (once overlooked) intersection that connects the vibrant arts community of Tremont with Ohio City, Scranton Flats and Cleveland Flats.

The house is a gritty bungalow style duplex built during the late 1800’s and hasn’t been renovated since the 1960’s. The house has two apartments, full basement, fenced yard, two car garage, alley and parking lot. Each space has been used as an art lab as well as a rented U-haul moving truck.

Prior to Kline’s purchase the house was a rental used as a motorcycle chop shop and raided by the police. The house is now an active studio gallery, the gardens were featured in the first GardenWalk Cleveland and the yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat registered with the National Wildlife Federation.

In addition, spring of 2015 Kline received the honor of having her house listed on the United States Department of the Interior National Park Services National Register of Historic Places. This qualified the house as being a founding contributing structure for the newly formed Scranton South Side Historic District.

Since opening her home Kline has successfully hosted numerous events designed to stimulate the conscious and unconscious of all visitors as well as raised the awareness of a once badly overlooked corner of our community via the arts.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the exhibiting artist(s) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of House Tremont Gallery